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Our fill level sensors can be installed in pit latrines, providing cost effective monitoring and reporting for waste collection of latrine fill levels

Pit Latrine Sensor

Pit owners are able to access the details (fill level, temperature) of their latrines on our platform.

This sensor sends SMS alerts to notify when the level of the pit latrine has reached a set level and is requiring emptying.

The various sensors are monitored using our web based dashboard, allowing for monitoring from anywhere with an Internet connection.

With our community feature, pit owners are able to interact and share ideas as well as alert MAT to their sanitation concerns promptly.

The platform also connects pit owners to online shops to be able to purchase items for their toilets/latrines like cleaning products, hand wash bowls and even sanitary pads.

We set up trained pit emptying groups equiped with the latest technology to safely collect and transport waste in areas with no road access

Sensor sends text message alert
MAT sensor dashboard

Collection Process

Stage 1

Sensors continuously measure and send the fill levels of the latrines

Stage 2

Platform receives fill levels and automatically schedules collection when 90% full

Stage 3

Details are sent to available pit emptying groups/exhauster trucks

Stage 4

Waste is then safely collected and transported for processing

Stage 5

Waste is received by recycling plants and converted to bio char/fertiliser for sale