Ryeeda school in Korogocho faced several problems, primarily their toilet facilities had no proper doors or latrine covers, meaning that some of the younger pupils would sometimes fall in to the pit latrine.



Mobile Alert Toilets, with the support of Toilets For All renovated the toilet facilities, adding proper squatting pans, doors and our water level sensor to notiffy us when the toilets required emptying.



Clip_12.jpg Clip_13.jpg Clip_16.jpg

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DSC_1761.jpg DSC_1787.jpg DSC_1808.jpg

DSC_1829.jpg DSC_1870.jpg JHE_6330.jpg

JHE_6369.jpg JHE_6395.jpg JHE_6416.jpg





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T7424x4924-00013.jpg T7424x4924-00015.jpg T7424x4924-00019.jpg

T7424x4924-00054.jpg T7424x4924-00060.jpg




JHE_6657.jpg JHE_6695.jpg JHE_6700.jpg

JHE_6720.jpg JHE_6744.jpg JHE_6764.jpg

JHE_6782.jpg JHE_6805.jpg JHE_6827.jpg

JHE_6857.jpg JHE_6869.jpg JHE_6937.jpg

We also created a video to document the renovation which you can watch below.



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