Globally, 2.4 billion people live without access to a basic sanitation service, 892 million of these people practice open defecation. In sub-saharan Africa alone more than 70% of people still lack access to basic sanitation (i.e., improved toilet/latrine). According to the World Bank, only 20% of Kenyans have access to safely managed sanitation. A high majority of the 6.4 million urban dwellers practice open defecation or rely on the services of local pit emptiers. The pit emptiers manually scoop waste and dump into water bodies and ecosystems with devastating consequences to public health and economic growth



The Solution

Mobile Alert Toilets (MAT) is a social business that uses our online platform to connect individual stakeholders by scheduling, collecting and treating/recycling waste to generate revenue. This is achieved by installing our ultra-sonic sensors into pit latrines. Data from the sensors is used to automatically schedule collection by dispatching available honey suckers and pit emptiers to collection points. The waste is safely removed and transported to recycle/treatment plants. Our clients can check the fill levels of their latrines, make purchases for their sanitary needs and can interact on our community feature. MAT is currently focusing on schools in urban slums of Kenya currently working in korogocho slums


Existing dilapidated school latrines are either demolished and reconstructed or renovated by re-enforcing slabs, improving the super structure (roofs, walls, ventilation).



The Social Impact


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